OrthoMark® OM-1012


The small clamp base Model OM-1012 is designed for use on any clampable surface, flat or round, up to 2” thick, but works best on round surfaces with a maximum thickness of 1.5″. It works especially well when attached to patient grab handles, or step stool and elevated stair handles.

When using, simply position and tighten. When attaching to a round surface, position the V notch on the fixed side of the clamp where you intend to clamp, use the T-handle to tighten. This is a strong clamp, so don’t overtighten.

Position the sphere normally afterward.

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OrthoMark OM-1012
The small clamp base, fully adjustable X-ray magnification marker is designed for use with all orthopedic and veterinary surgical templating software.

Clamp: 2″ jaws
Arm length: 24″
Weight: 13oz
Ball: 25.4mm/1″ Stainless

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in
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